an experiment

I went to a town that I’ve never been to, I expected something happen and everything is unpredictable. I used a film camera to record everything that I met on the road because the film brings the difference between my original intention and final effect. All of these elements with intangibility, unpredictable and ambiguity are mixed together. I tried to select,reconstruct and isolate these photos, which is called photo collage. At the same time, I pay attention to the different responses from the beholder so please tell me your feeling when you look at this video. I would really appreciate it. I think that beholder’s response is a part of my project and it always relates to ambiguity. This is an experiment that I attempted to use this expressive form to record more meaningful things in the future. I guess that it could be an event, could be a person, and could be a story. I prefer to record something I met and remind people of focusing on it as soon as possible. Maybe it is a social phenomenon or just an attitude of life. It is mentioned that my project must be specific for a single event rather than the content of this experiment, and I will try to make more. Just keep trying…


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