Tino Sehgal


A photo taken on an iPhone shows “The Kiss,” part of Tino Sehgal’s show of ephemeral art at the Guggenheim Museum.

His art is a response to these perceived realities as they play out microcosmically in the context of the art industry. His goal is to create a counter-model: to make something (a situation) from virtually nothing (actions, words) and then let that something disappear, leaving no potentially marketable physical trace.

As we talked the idea of progress became increasingly complicated, ambiguous in value, simultaneously positive and negative. Is a sensitivity to ambiguity in general more prevalent now, we wondered, than in the 1960s when Bob and I were young? Bob said for his son, who is in his 30s, ambiguity is the rule. Where we had moral heroes, he can find none. I was about to press on with this when Bob stopped and said gently, as if on cue, “The piece is called ‘This Progress,’ ” and walked off.


Sehgal’s  artwork  is the constructed situation which arises between the audience and the interpreter. He created  a new and significant way – ” NOT OBJECT “. It seems that his artwork  is concerned with the interaction of  audience and artwork itself.   Sehgal’s work  is so contemporary  and also brings more  possibilities.

Whatever, we can see that audience’s response and reaction are more and more important in artwork unquestionably.



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