Tutorial, 22/01/2014

22/01/2014/,Wednesday, tutorial.

Jonathan told me two words: Strategy ,Tactics

Strategy and tactics from Michel de Certeau’s book <The Practice of Everyday Life>.

Certeau believes that professional technicist can organize position, role and  product for people. It is mentioned that the majority of people prefer to jump out of this distribution, who use personal tactics to create daily life. It means that people resist  the original strategy and use their individual method to achieve new benefit. Such as gimmick , shortcut, hunter’s skill and all kinds of tactics. It also proves that people are not obedient blindly. In addition, It  proves that people have meaningful wisdom from life. Fortunately, most of the people are positive and optimistic.

There is no doubt that life is filled with wisdom. It is mentioned that ordinary people create the greatest wisdom. On the other hand, the simplest wisdom is always neglected.

Chinese artist Song Dong (宋冬),his representative artwork: Wisdom of the Penniless(穷人的智慧). I think that this art project is a good example for Strategy &Tactics. (my understanding)


2222                                 Wisdom of the Penniless,installation, Artist Song Dong,2005

Actually,we know that everybody does not want to be a poor man but sometimes we are.  In Chinese, people always say that poor makes people change.(QiongZeSiBian穷则思变) Song Dong thinks that nobody wants to be a poor man, but the poor man always use their distinctive method to improve their life’s qualities. For example, to occupy personal space in the alley.People live in quadrangle dwellings.People decide to plant trees in quadrangle dwellings, which  in order to achieve more personal space. This kind of tactics is reasonable and sapiential.The same with Luxury house, that is to say, poor and rich is no different in some way.

Critic said :”Song Dong’s installations symbolize the ingenuity with which people transform their personal living spaces, thereby altering the aesthetic of entire neighborhoods.”( from internet)

tactics are opportunistic, always on the watch, and involve combining disparate elements to gain a momentary advantage.

I cannot completely understand the meaning of  Strategy ,tactics but I think it is interesting and attractive.What I am interested in is things that are neglected from life. I want to find it, record it and reinterpret it. I believe that art from life, life is art.I will continue to do some research about things that are neglected from life and try to do some small projects with art.At the same time , I will continue to read the theory of books of practice, montage, representation,documentary,which relates to ambiguity.

Jonathan’s suggestion:

  • Make note of influence and research
  • Reflection
  • Be specific for project

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