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psb (1) psb 26 February 2014

Sigune gives me some key words relate to ambiguity  in art:
– Openness: ambiguity can brings more possibilities  in art.
– Bring your own imagination: it might mean that ambiguity could be Irrational.
– Depends on context: sometimes, a picture showed to many people received different responses. It means that audience’s respond also is an important part in ambiguity. In addition, Sigune thinks that image is best way to express ambiguity.
– Not decided yet 
– Interpretation: ambiguity is very interesting because it has new meaning for art work.

Thank you for Sigune.






Balloon is a metaphor ,which is metaphor for some weights in life. The presence of those that are with and without form, those that fade and those that remain will forever be felt throughout life, from the start to the finish. You can not say that which weight is positive or which weight is negative.I concerned that maybe audience can pay attention to the relationship between the video of routine and the video of balloon from this project. The project is ambigous maybe its interesting or not since I want to do something like this more deeper in the future.

When I have a concept for the project weight, I did some experiments for balloon.For balloon part, I hope that it seems black balloon popped by themselves one by one. I think I  can use some softwares to deal with this effect. Such as photoshop and premiere. Eventually, Jonathan told me that I can put some needles with plasticine on the floor, which is a very useful idea. I prepared almost 100 balloons for each experiment. Due to the cause of sound, light and tool, I did three times experiments respectively.

These pictures are taken by the process of experiments.









This is an image that records life. Through the various situations in life, I could strongly feel the presence of the relationship between people and the weight of life. In fact, it is hard to describe what the weight of life is.It could be reflected through the everyday work, a tube card being repeatedly used, naughty children playing on the streets, a forgotten diary in a dusty drawer, or through the sensation of love and friendship. Life is a combination of all its weight, and to experience life from the start to the finish, we should be aware of the growth and disintegration of its weight whether it be tangible or intangible. When I found I am interested in thinking about these details, which relate to the relationship between people and the weight of life. I began to search for some keywords. I was trying to use a metaphorical way to express my feeling. I made an experiment concludes  three expressionist documentary.