Low Residency 2014 ,Influence

During two weeks, we went to a lot of galleries such as Whitechapel Gallery, Jerwood space, 14 art fair, White Building.
Some artists inspired me a lot. I made a conclusion to help me think about that.
Low Residency 2014 in Jerwood Space

Emma Charles

London-based artist Emma Charles made a video, Surfaces of Exchange
Charles research into the physical framework and materiality of internet.
Charles attempts to map the tangible infrastructure of our expanding digital landscape. In Charles’s film, it comprises many fragments and elements. For instance,interview with Mitchell Moss, Professor of Urban Planning at New York University and recording material and immaterial phenomenon. This film is abstract but is very strong to express what Charles wants to research into. On the other hand, I really like the title with each piece in the film.



14 art fair

Cheng TingTing
Cheng TingTing interested in things are from daily life. She always wants to represent these ordinary thing and make a new sense for it. Cheng TingTing thinks that each ordinary thing could be has many stories. Not only she likes these ordinary thing in life but also she pay attention to ambiguous information because she thinks that it has deeper meaning.At the same time,she is good at using the images as a metaphor for the hidden meaning of art.
“symbolizing the divergence and barrier created by different languages.” 
Subtleties waiting to be discovered and unraveled in these works.

“I judge a book by its cover”



Hanaa Malallah Razzak

“For something to survive it must be hidden.”

I like these many layers of burnt scraps of canvas to form an intensely textured surface. Her work is figurative and abstract.She concentrated on the indistinct shapes within physical installation. I like it very much.

Camouflage 1,2012
Burnt canvas,string,mixed media and acrylic.



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