Low Residency 2014, London art space

Jonathan and Holly Willats with us went to 5 different spaces in Hackney, East London.Two of these spaces are left a strong impression on me, which is Regent Studios building and the gallery – Paul McCarthy. IMG_2695 IMG_2691 F4B82E6D-3152-4A3D-9129-64BBFCE2386D25C15474-3592-483C-8E42-F23DF817D62CIn Regent Studios building , we went to the top of building to visited a film by Lan Bourn ( the artist’s name from jonathan’s blog)  Actually, I was confused with the film’s content but I like these words behind the film even it does not have direct relation with it .In my point of view, It makes the film more narrative and sensitive. I like these pieces very much. IMG_2700 In this space, we saw a project of many televisions, which I really like this kind of curating visual form. We can see different pieces of work by Paul McCarthy at the same time. There is no doubt that it is a quite good presentation.


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