Chinese Artist Zhi Jiang

Unaccustomed Time


Installation 2012

Unaccustomed-Time-1 Unaccustomed-Time-3 The-Swan-Song-3 Unaccustomed-Time-2

Two easels are placed face to face with a 4-meter distance in between. On one of them there is a painting which is covered by paints. (Beneath it there are two black trash bags stuffed with all kinds of wastes from the studio). The other displays Swan Song, a two-minute video. (Beneath it there are two black sound boxes.) The video will be played on an hourly basis. Due to that, a sound of explosion can be heard within the space every one hour. During the rest of time, there’ll be nothing but a blank screen.On one of the walls, a minute hand is kicking constantly.Beneath the seemingly peaceful and serene surface there lies a violent and devastating sense of instability and insecurity.

Zhi Jiang is my favorite Chinese artist.This artwork focuses on a conversation of art and life. It is possible that something to be destroyed by peaceful life accidentally. Artist Jiang uses a layer of seemingly “meaningless” grey oil painting to express a general phenomenon, which is intentional erasure, coverage and annulment cannot wipe out the “past time” even highlight and reshape the “past time”. This kind of elaborate design brings special experience for the audience. At the same time, it also brings deeper thinking for audience.


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