Multiple videos

Silence, when I enter it, is gone in.
A meditative soundtrack accompanies sequences of still photos which create an impression of movement and continuity. At the border between illusion and reality, the images and sound encourage the viewer to immerse in the rhythm of nature.

David Bowie – LOVE IS LOST ‘Hello Steve Reich’ remix by James Murphy / LCD Soundsystem

THE WILL TO POWER _ video instalación.

I am quite interested in multiple videos on the one screen.These are three different contents of multiple videos. One of the video is artistic conception, which has delicate changes between three videos. It seems very exquisite.Another one of the video is a combination of many diverse elements, such as, performance, graphic pattern and 3d effect. The sound also is expected to be very dynamic. I am very like the beginning of this video. Many hands are clapped together in separate locations at the same time. It brings stunning effect. For the final one of the video, this is a fantastic combination of vision, audio and performance. Many pieces of performance within many small screens together. It seems very powerful. I am influenced by these videos a lot. Otherwise, I am curious about some technological questions of these artworks.


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