2014 Interim show

Experiment and Idea test 

Before last month, I got a part-time job in a Japanese sushi restaurant.My initial inspiration from job experience in there. I tried to make a comparison of two situations. One of situation is worker do something again and again like a machine. Another situation is peaceful landscape. I tried to put two videos on the two opposite walls, which things like a conversation between two different situations in the same context. (PS: landscape part from Japanese film, another part was taken in Japanese sushi restaurant by myself )



Due to the limitation of time and some reasons, I didn’t take sufficient video in my part-time job place so I have changed content of videos. One of the video is peaceful and flowing lake. Another one of the video is some still images of dynamic portrait(double exposure) on the street. I tried to make an ambiguous connection between two videos on the opposite walls. Anyway , it is a test for a comparison of two videos of different contents.









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