Ilona Sagar, Human Factors

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These images from Ilona Sagar’s video,Human Factors

Human Factors,Ilona Sagar.

Human Factors antagonises connection between language, hierarchies and bodily well-being through its manifestation in architecture and landscape. Although the film has no protagonist a central element of the film is a voice over. What the voice represents is abstruse, she is both lovers, landmasses, ruptured bodies, a union between political bodies.

This video is collected from different visual elements , like body performance and manifestation in architecture and landscape. The video looks like an ambiguous fiction but it is filled with philosophy. I am influenced by this artwork a lot. In this artwork , Artist Sagar knows how to editing these different elements to highlight a potential topic, which is the relationship between human-being and environment.I really like this kind of recording form. Sometimes, we cannot present something directly but we can try to represent something from different points,elements,factors and directions. That is also can make sense of it.


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