Collage practice

I am influenced by Collage artist Katrien De Blauwer. I did some collage works as an experiment for further artwork. I went to Notting Hill second-hand bookshop. These collage works are consisted of many fragments from old magazines. I reconstructed these pieces , which the whole process is very interesting.At the same time, I am trying to make new meaning for these pieces. I think it is good practice for further artworks. q1 lq2 q3 q5 q4 1 l7 l2副本 lq9 lq10 lq12 lq7 lq8 lq11 l6 lq6 lq13

  1. Is there a particular theme or point you are making in the collages? (I like them).

    • I think I just follow my intuition without a specific theme. I just trying to find some meaningful relationships between these pieces. : D

  2. Fantastic work! Love it. Well captured as well on the white background. It all really works well.

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