Unit 1 assessment, tutorial with Jonathan 

Firstly, I realized that keeping idea, getting influence and making the test are useful ways to do research.Secondly, I made clearer direction through Unit 1 assessment.Unit 1 assessment is an overall reflection for preceding research.

During this tutorial, Jonathan gives me a lot of constructive suggestions, which relate to my specific artworks. On the one hand, Jonathan suggests that I can continue to do collage with my own intuition. On the other hand,  He says that I can develop my collage, which could be using videos instead of still images. These video materials could be many fragments of old films or my original creation. I think this is a challenge for me but I still want to try it in the future, because it could be more ambiguous and more interesting.  In addition, Jonathan notes that I can combine all of my concept, test and  experiment, which was what I did. Such as a combination of the projection and photography, collage on paper and making video. Jonathan mentions that “remix media” also is a feasible way to present artwork. ( I am not sure “Remix media” is an exact word, I forgot to bring the note by Jonathan. )

For me, I consider the process of experiment is most important. At the same time, some influences also can broaden my horizons gradually. However, I have to admit that unit 1 assessment pushes me to make an overall conclusion for the last year. This is very beneficial for my further research.


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