Group presentation reflection

This group presentation is about what I have been doing and my plans for the next step.  Some feedbacks and resources from classmates are very helpful. I made some notes for further research.

j.biernat10: your collages reminded me of the journals of Dan Eldon – i’m not sure if you’ve ever seen them.

j.biernat10: i’m sure they have his book in the library – it’s worth checking out

j.biernat10: also gerhard richter’s painted photographs come to mind

j.biernat10: yea i like them a lot
j.biernat10: but it’s kind of hard to draw from them without ripping them off
j.biernat10: because they are so iconic

j.biernat10: i really like these as still objects right now
j.biernat10: i’m not sure video is necessary
j.biernat10: but i dont know could be worth trying

Jake notes that Dan Eldon’s work, which I really like it. It is another collage form of journal concerning  a combination of painted elements, images and handwriting. I will go to library to borrow the book <The Journey is the destination: the journals of Dan Eldon >

allyclarkphtography: ruby – i really like those. fascinating. like puzzles. both through visual content and physical appearance.

allyclarkphtography: yes, i like the torn paper. brings it alive.

ally said these pieces like puzzles.  I think this is a interesting point.

ED: There is an important principle at work here. The human mind seeks to resolve ambiguity into truth, so when we view these juxtapositions, an interpretation is sought.

ED: And so a narrative is developed in the eyes of the viewer

ED: Ruby, have you though about how you could develop the medium, i.e. the “torn paper”

ED:Don’t get me wrong, this is nice work, I’m trying to push you. Could it be video, for example?

ED: Well, the fragmented nature of the medium implies a fragment from history, a snapshot in time. Could this be developed?

ED:Just a thorn in your side. Always trying to push. If it doesn’t work then don’t be afraid to fail, but try new things

ED: Ruby, the work you are doing is good, and you need to reflect on the themes that work within it. The hands and the heads really express something. and my thinking is that these could be made from moving images also. Look at – perhaps you don’t need to work with your own capture,]

ED: Also, the shape of torn paper may be a canvas shape in moving imagery – the screen does not have to be a rectangle

harmeet: Also look for richard himilton’s collages

Huijun Guan:

I recorded these notes firstly. after that , I will think about it gradually.


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