Monthly Archives: January 2015

More and more artists choose to try different materials for their creative works. I have to admit that some of them are very visible and powerful for art work. In my point of view, these materials like a background for art story.In the mean time, they are bringing extra concepts in art works, which are abundant and amusing more than art work of monotonous element.

Graham Rich(British;born 1945)
An installation
Found objects and marine paint



The artist draws a series of paintings on the many physical objects that are founded. I like these collections and creative forms of theme painting.

Chang Kyum Kim
Water shadow four seasons2,2013-2014
Video installation 13:17 min

This artwork brings vivid seasons at the front of the audience. We can note that the change of seasons are appeared naturally. Artist makes a nice combination of images and extra physical materials. Such as water, stone. This kind of expressive form is quite illusive and ambiguous but is full of poetic atmosphere.



Interview with artist


In the past, I was trying to put two videos on the opposite wall, which could be a conversation between different contents of video. Meanwhile, I did not to define the complete structure for the videos. I hope audience can find some interesting concept by themselves. I found an art work, which highly be close to my idea of two videos for a dialogue. From the view of form, the artist got alluring images in his film but they are deliberately not linked one to others, which are very ambiguous.

Sebastian Diaz Morales
2 screens video installation / sound on headphones / digital video transferred to DVD / 11 min / 2009

Produced by HERMES