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I really like photography book like this.Each chapter of one, two, three, four. I also very like this book’s name.Proximity machine.


This is one of my favorite books,The artist book,Laure Prouvost. The book likes a sketch. The artist’s drive,the artist and drugs, being misunderstood, the artist’s only love, the forgotten artist,depression and the artist’s secret are interesting title of each chapter. Some images are scratched out and some images with naughty words, which all in a loose narrative.

Meanwhile,some sentences like a diary.
‘I liked the film.When I watched the flames I felt comfortable.It felt relaxing like I was paralysed.The story is like a new galaxy, a new world, with nice sound and picture. It was a very good designer who put it together. When you’re talking, you are taking people inside, you’re listening to everything.You take the inside of the people. I can watch stories like this any time.
I think it would be good to show this film to everyone.It would be good see it in the cinema, like an action movie. When I first saw the film, I saw flames, the seaside, people, a tray,water. Afterward, I thought that you needed a different type of design, something Victorian, something old-fashioned, so I made the tray from metal,by hand.’

When I look at these words, It awakes many of the subtle aspects of my visual intuition.

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