Reflection of SYMPOSIUM2

Jake- I like how you discuss the dialogue between multiple videos. That’s something I’m interested in personally.How when two things that are perhaps completely unrelated are put next to each other.
The viewer automatically begins to make connections.We just seemed to be wired to constantly search for some form of narrative.Even if it’s not actually present. We build it for ourselves.

For me, I think ambiguity is quite free,which could be interpreted by many different possibilities. When some different videos together,more imaginative space between these videos,which have more interpretation by the audience in some way. That is the reason why i prefer to use multiple videos.

Lionel- Ambiguity is a vital and big subject, Ruby and I think you are tackling it in quite a ‘contemporary’ way. Looking at the examples in the video made me wonder if you had done similar experiments with 3D objects also?

To be honest, I did more research about contemporary approach. It might mean that my research is not deep enough.I also want to do something related to 3D objects or a combination of 2D objects and 3D objects.It is more exciting way to do some experiments related to ambiguity in art.  Otherwise, Interaction installation also is a potential approach to research ambiguity.

Andy- did you use separate sound on your film? Would be interested to see how sound changes the still images or if sound changes them.

Yes. Sound is a very important element in the film, which could change the context of the film. I am also quite interested in the effect of different sounds. I will do some sound experiments in the future.

ED- There’s a slightly “home movie” aspect to the sound in the video pieces. I would throw that away and make the soundtrack from scratch.

Professionally, I need to think about it seriously.

Jake- is home movie sound always a bad thing?

I think sometimes it is good, so another question:  is home movie is a bad thing?

Jake- i feel like video art has a history of utilizing really lo-fi technology, but yes it definitely should be a conscious decision.

Lo-fi (from the term “low fidelity“) is lower quality of sound recordings than the usual standard for modern music. The qualities of lo-fi are usually achieved by either degrading the quality of the recorded audio, or using certain equipment.

Ally-i’m a bit confused about ambiguity though. does ambiguity have to have a common theme or source – if that makes sense?

Jonathan-Ally, I love this line — ‘i’m a bit confused about ambiguity’ — perfect!!

Ambiguity is a little bit confused,which is a very clever definition even I always confused with this.

ED-“Home movie sound” implies one, fairly non–diagetic idea, whereas “professional soundtrack” implies diagesis – i.e narrative


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