Collage using cut‐out pictures from magzine about the funeral of E.Berlinguer. 2009

Sometimes, collage can present some ironic appearance of things. As Mirko Smerdel does.


IMG_2080 I like Katrien De Blauwer’s collage works very much. We can see that her collage works are consisted of many fragments with creative imagination, which is very ambiguous. Waste magazine got an interview with Katrien De Blauwer. I am influenced by some parts of the interview. It shows that the process of creative collage, which is very useful for me.

What is your creative process like?

I have quite a fixed routine and working days. My working process can be divided in three parts: Looking for material, like paper backgrounds, old magazines and books. Preparing a bunch of material: which means tearing or roughly cutting images that touch me somehow. Making collages: which is usually a three or four hour session where I get into a flow and just create. It’s almost like someone else takes control. I follow my intuition without really knowing what the result will be. There’s only the paper fragments around me. Everything else disappears.

How do you find inspiration? Any particular influences?

I find inspiration in the material and in myself. I’ve been working for quite some time now with these 50’s and 60’s magazines and always had a fascination for that period. Lately I’m watching (again) the movies of Antonioni and Bergman from that period. They’re stunning. I find a lot of inspiration in movies.

Where do you find the materials and images to create your pieces? Do you ever incorporate original photographs?

I mainly find them in flea markets, second hand bookshops, by accident (in a container on the street). I like to build some kind of relation with traders, so that they understand what I’m looking for.Two years ago I did works that contained original early 20th century photographs.

In her collage works, she collects many fragments from old magazines and reconstructs these pieces,which give them a new meaning.Different contents are combined by Katrien De Blauwer,which make some narrative stories. It seems montage. I believe that this is an essential research to do further concept video or documentary. It is very interesting. Therefore,I am trying to do this kind of collage as an experiment for further artworks.

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These images from Ilona Sagar’s video,Human Factors

Human Factors,Ilona Sagar.

Human Factors antagonises connection between language, hierarchies and bodily well-being through its manifestation in architecture and landscape. Although the film has no protagonist a central element of the film is a voice over. What the voice represents is abstruse, she is both lovers, landmasses, ruptured bodies, a union between political bodies.

This video is collected from different visual elements , like body performance and manifestation in architecture and landscape. The video looks like an ambiguous fiction but it is filled with philosophy. I am influenced by this artwork a lot. In this artwork , Artist Sagar knows how to editing these different elements to highlight a potential topic, which is the relationship between human-being and environment.I really like this kind of recording form. Sometimes, we cannot present something directly but we can try to represent something from different points,elements,factors and directions. That is also can make sense of it.

lisa classmate1 lisa classmate2 lisa classmate3 This artwork by a 2014 student in UAL Wimbledon. ‘She is a Chinese Fine Artist who is interested in using video, photography and projection in her practice. Her works are about distorting the face by physical manipulation. They reflect the theme of the feminine struggle with power. She has researched the relationship between female beauty and power. She attempt to examine how ideas of beauty control people’s ideal self and how the contradictions and confinements of problematic situations restrict women.As her starting point, her work attempted to define beauty and ugliness in female faces using celebrity portraits and artist self-portraits. She made a series of female faces drawn on elastic materials (fabric, plastic, etc). By filming the stretching processes and recording how ‘beauty’ can be ‘destroyed’ or ‘rebuilt’. She examined the construction of this concept.In her later video work, her projected female faces (Her own faces and the combination face of her mother and her) onto her abdomen, meanwhile she wore the silk and was tearing the way out of. It symbolized the beauty across ages and generations. The powerful motions and the double images reflect the contradiction between beauty and ugliness, inner and outer, reality and the ideal. Also this work points out to the restriction from a long history of female generation, reflects the female get rid of matrix to rebuild themselves and unavoidable to continue the circulation of female’s life.She also using overlay photography and moving image animations of emotional self portraits that throw a contemporary look at Cubism and Expressionism, using historical art forms to simultaneously question identity and the self. Later, she would continue to test out more possibilities of the projector, using projection to discover the special visual effect for reflecting feminine issues.’

I like this expressive form very much.  The combination of photography, video and projection, which are an effective art form. I am influenced by this artwork.  Artist uses several balloons as a medium also is a very clever idea concerning different stages of portraits are quite vivid. At the same time, artist chooses portrait and self-portrait to present the topic of identity also is a powerful way.

Silence, when I enter it, is gone in.
A meditative soundtrack accompanies sequences of still photos which create an impression of movement and continuity. At the border between illusion and reality, the images and sound encourage the viewer to immerse in the rhythm of nature.

David Bowie – LOVE IS LOST ‘Hello Steve Reich’ remix by James Murphy / LCD Soundsystem

THE WILL TO POWER _ video instalación.

I am quite interested in multiple videos on the one screen.These are three different contents of multiple videos. One of the video is artistic conception, which has delicate changes between three videos. It seems very exquisite.Another one of the video is a combination of many diverse elements, such as, performance, graphic pattern and 3d effect. The sound also is expected to be very dynamic. I am very like the beginning of this video. Many hands are clapped together in separate locations at the same time. It brings stunning effect. For the final one of the video, this is a fantastic combination of vision, audio and performance. Many pieces of performance within many small screens together. It seems very powerful. I am influenced by these videos a lot. Otherwise, I am curious about some technological questions of these artworks.

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The Tree of my Grand Mother’s House 2001-2005 ( The dialoge 2001 ) Instillation & Sculbture

It was the first time I was alone inside my grandmother’s old house. It was also the last time for me there before all the furniture was packed to be sent to another place and the house’s high walls were demolished.
It was the first time for me to see the chairs after they were shrouded in preparation for their departure from the walls against which they used to rest. They were leaving these walls on which we had carved the numbers and lines of our memories, a heart for our first love and the scratches of our anger. These walls had absorbed the tears of our sadness, the sweat of our hands and the remains of our hair. Nothing is left alive but this old tree. I can still feel the thin hairs that surround its roots. They are spread under the layers of my skin. I can see its image upon both my father and my son’s faces. How then can we describe memory and who will preserve it for us? And who preserves history?
Everything will be destroyed. Nothing will remain but these holes filled with solid balls of shiny white snow. I can still see them inside this tree, on these walls and under these shiny white shrouds.

Shady Elnoshokaty 
January 2001

Shady El Noshokaty concentrates on photography, projection and corresponding video screens. In the most of his artworks, we can see that different elements are presented in.  Moreover, the artist uses different ways of presentation at the same time. It seems more powerful and more ambiguous in the artwork.

绝望表演-录像-2013-3分20秒-单屏幕-950x532 Performing with Despair,video,3 minutes 20 seconds,single screen.

This artwork by Chinese artist XiaoYun Chen. We can see that four videos are included on the single screen. This work is about a recording of people fall into the water.  Four videos are gradually present different time with different states of emergency.  In this video work, it effectively shows people’s facial expression and physical change when people fall into the water. It seems that multiple videos on the single screen are an effective art form.