low residency week

There is just an obvious difference with last year. Last year, we were divided into many small groups to do completely different projects. The collaboration of an integrated story should be required this year. This project consists of three parts.

Group1- shoot footage, a pan shot would be great.

Group2- character creation using image trace, paper scanning, stop motion etc.

Group3-collectiong sounds to be stitched together for a dynamic soundtrack.

Finally, we got a short horror film with extremely dynamic sounds. I am in the group2. We went to the library to find some horror fictions and some horror paintings. The process is exciting. I really like a book,which uses some poetic sentences as each character. I think it is also useful for the short horror film, which is quite narrative.At last,We chose to create a series of continuous motions quickly, which also are cool. The materials are taken from the painting of scan.




Jonathan and Holly Willats with us went to 5 different spaces in Hackney, East London.Two of these spaces are left a strong impression on me, which is Regent Studios building and the gallery – Paul McCarthy. IMG_2695 IMG_2691 F4B82E6D-3152-4A3D-9129-64BBFCE2386D25C15474-3592-483C-8E42-F23DF817D62CIn Regent Studios building , we went to the top of building to visited a film by Lan Bourn ( the artist’s name from jonathan’s blog)  Actually, I was confused with the film’s content but I like these words behind the film even it does not have direct relation with it .In my point of view, It makes the film more narrative and sensitive. I like these pieces very much. IMG_2700 In this space, we saw a project of many televisions, which I really like this kind of curating visual form. We can see different pieces of work by Paul McCarthy at the same time. There is no doubt that it is a quite good presentation.

In the last day of low residency we got a group tutorial together.

Frist part, we taken 7 minutes to consider some questions:

what do I make?
From the start until now, I did some research about ambiguity in art. I am quite interested in ambiguous way in art because ambiguity can bring more possibilities.Involuntary possibilities were happened in ambiguous artwork,which is very interesting.I have taken many photos,which were transformed into the photo collage.I made an expressionist documentary relate to ambiguity.Otherwise,I intended to research the relationship between audience and artist’s work since I believe that audience’s response also is part of artwork.

What have I done well during my time on the course so far?
I did some experiments concerned with ambiguity.I have learnt the meaning of ambiguity.I think that ambiguity is the imagination,intuition,illusion and openness. Moreover,I have learnt to combine practice and theory to do the experiment, which is very useful for my research.

What can I improve on?
I realized that reflective journal also is very important for research so I will try to write reflective journal on the blog timely and continue to do some experiments.

Second part, we are in a group of 2-3 look at each others’ blogs.

I discussed with Jack who always records notes timely. Integrated blog was made by many times, which I think it is good.Jack mentioned that some parts of my blog did not write anything only put the image and video is not good for reflection.I agree with him. I will write some notes behind the reference in the future.

After that we are in a group of 4 discuss with each other’s blogs.

We looked at each others’ blog then we are discussed about the process and result which one is more important in artwork. I think that process is more important than the result. In the process, I can experience what I am really interested in and what I am really want to figure it out. In addition, I was influenced by many artists who help me broaden my horizon. In my opinion, Result as a project is a temporary work but the most benefit from the process is what I am thinking now.

Overall, this is a useful group tutorial for me. : )

We had a collaboration with 16mm film last week. We use footage of animals in Australia and tried to change the meaning of the original film. This is a very interesting experience for 16mm film.


First day, we use chemical material to change color with 16mm film. We tried to do some experiments with 5 minutes ,10 minutes, 20 minutes separately. Finally , we got a perfect color with 20 minutes.IMG_2835

We want to change the meaning of the original film, which makes it more interesting. We decided to scratched into the background behind the animal. Highlight the part of animal, the film drastically emphasizes that animal’s environment is dangerous. In some sense, we make a different sense for the pre-existing footage of animals. After that, we want to write some messages in the film ,like a slogan for protecting animal. At last, we use easier information instead of message, which is SOS Morse Code.



Lastly, we chose to use editing viewer to present these16mm film.

During two weeks, we went to a lot of galleries such as Whitechapel Gallery, Jerwood space, 14 art fair, White Building.
Some artists inspired me a lot. I made a conclusion to help me think about that.
Low Residency 2014 in Jerwood Space

Emma Charles

London-based artist Emma Charles made a video, Surfaces of Exchange
Charles research into the physical framework and materiality of internet.
Charles attempts to map the tangible infrastructure of our expanding digital landscape. In Charles’s film, it comprises many fragments and elements. For instance,interview with Mitchell Moss, Professor of Urban Planning at New York University and recording material and immaterial phenomenon. This film is abstract but is very strong to express what Charles wants to research into. On the other hand, I really like the title with each piece in the film.

14 art fair

Cheng TingTing
Cheng TingTing interested in things are from daily life. She always wants to represent these ordinary thing and make a new sense for it. Cheng TingTing thinks that each ordinary thing could be has many stories. Not only she likes these ordinary thing in life but also she pay attention to ambiguous information because she thinks that it has deeper meaning.At the same time,she is good at using the images as a metaphor for the hidden meaning of art.
“symbolizing the divergence and barrier created by different languages.” 
Subtleties waiting to be discovered and unraveled in these works.

“I judge a book by its cover”


Hanaa Malallah Razzak

“For something to survive it must be hidden.”

I like these many layers of burnt scraps of canvas to form an intensely textured surface. Her work is figurative and abstract.She concentrated on the indistinct shapes within physical installation. I like it very much.

Camouflage 1,2012
Burnt canvas,string,mixed media and acrylic.