I am just trying to create something relates to these old frames. Even it is imaginary and fictive. Some of these old frames are from charity shop and vintage market, which are unique and special. But I don’t know too much about these old frames. I only know when I see these old frames, some VISUAL LANGUAGE/IMAGE are started to appear. It could be narrative and ambiguous. I think it is a collage of the old frame itself and my own imagination.


The image sticks most in my mind is the powerful vitality. Image followed by some footage, then immediately by delicate emotion. I just imagine this kind of picture is existed for a long time.


In my point of view, some old frames are inspired. It might mean that one detail to be a fictional plot of this old frame. I can’t exactly describe what I want to express. But you can watch story like this.


I think it would be good to show two pieces of one image to everyone.


a strange shape in the conversant environment.


in a loose narrative.


it is an unusual film, or documentary, and it shows some animals or a portrait with slow motion.


i wanted to show you some stories in this beach, but i did see anything only seawater and stones.


I found some people under a huge mirror, which looks like an oil painting. I want to say something to these crowded people, but it cannot be heard by anybody.

I found an artist who is an MA photographer student in the Central Saint Martins. She creates an installation of the moving image and still image, which is very related to my recent work.

Detachment, photography and projection, 2014
Installation view 1

video link:

In my point of view, this kind of expressive form is highly sensitive. Sometimes, it is a good way to present delicate emotion of a specific aspect.At the same time, It looks very ambiguous as well. For me, I am preparing for creative collage in terms of a combination or still image and moving image. It could be ironic in some way but completely ambiguous.



video link:

New project: Experience with each other

Inspiration and Description: In our daily life, everyone could be going into other life intentionally or unintentionally. For example, it is common for a photo to have accidentally captured a few shots of a stranger passing by. Sometimes, this kind of accidental experience is embarrassed but interesting. This is a special angle of view. We all have a similar situation in our life, but different people have different experience. Sort of like a person who does repetitive things always has delicate difference.


断章 Part of Article
作者:卞之琳 By Bian Zhilin

你站在桥上看风景, As you are enjoying the scenery on a bridge
看风景的人在楼上看你。 Upstairs on a tower people are watching you
明月装饰了你的窗子, The bright moon adorns your window
你装饰了别人的梦。 But you adorn others’ dream

Intention: I am trying to use interactive installation to get participation of the audience and help audience to feel about accidental experience with each other. In addition, I think it is an indirect experience ,which probably ambiguous.

Possibilities: Audience could be noticed some special details in daily life through take part in this project. I hope it could be full of fun.
I  will continue to collect some photos  from different people who have a similar situation.(photo to have accidentally captured a few shots of a stranger passing by.)

Research photos:










Installation Equipment: camera, two projector, computer. (thinking about more detail..further some experiments..)

This is an image that records life. Through the various situations in life, I could strongly feel the presence of the relationship between people and the weight of life. In fact, it is hard to describe what the weight of life is.It could be reflected through the everyday work, a tube card being repeatedly used, naughty children playing on the streets, a forgotten diary in a dusty drawer, or through the sensation of love and friendship. Life is a combination of all its weight, and to experience life from the start to the finish, we should be aware of the growth and disintegration of its weight whether it be tangible or intangible. When I found I am interested in thinking about these details, which relate to the relationship between people and the weight of life. I began to search for some keywords. I was trying to use a metaphorical way to express my feeling. I made an experiment concludes  three expressionist documentary.