At this stage, I used nails to fix these old frames on the wall instead of strong tape. At the same time, more exact layout to be confirmed. Jonathan taught me how to choose a more clever position to fix nail, which makes old frame have a suitable angle.








I am trying to put these old frames on the floor of an exhibition room and trying to give a suitable layout of my integrated composition. At this stage, a very useful super tape is recommended by Jonathan. I think probably I can use strong tape to fix my old frames of still image.

IMG_7213 IMG_7215 IMG_7217

I got three times tutorial with Jonathan from the beginning of the April until now.

First tutorial: 

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First tutorial:

I just did very few pieces of my video collage works. I am not satisfied with these collage, which are too artificial. I need to make more.

Second tutorial:

I want to have some inspirations for my creative collage. I decided to inspire by some poems from Iceland. I think probably I can find some interesting relations with my collage work. In this tutorial, Jonathan was asked a lot of questions for details. Some questions are linked to installation of my work. I realized that all of the details in artwork are quite important. Even a very simple detail will effects different results and meanings.

Third tutorial:

After my second tutorial with Jonathan, I did some experiments with different versions of poems on paper. I did test on typewriter.  I found it is too difficult to be done. Actually I can’t easily control each sentence and I also need to seriously focus on the layout when I write something.

I think a poem could be my creative inspiration. I want to find a topic for my further collage work, which could be more narrative and more meaningful. At the same time, I decided to use some old frames with my collage work.

Jonathan told me that I need to pay attention to old frames themselves. Probably I can create a story for each old frame. It means that these old frames could be instead of the poem as my creative inspiration. On the other hand, I think this suggestion is another kind of collage, which is quite mysterious and imaginative.


These pieces are  Justyn Hegreberg’s collage painting. I am influenced by Justyn Hegreberg a lot. My project is about collage. It includes multiple media collage and collage on paper. Multiple media collage is a combination of still image and moving image. I will make a series of multiple media collage artworks on a screen. At the same time, I hope to make an illusion for audience, which makes these collage artworks more ambiguous . So I decided to use a vintage  picture frame with the multiple media collage artwork. Seen from afar, it looks a still image but it is not when you are near to the artwork especially. I think that it could be more interesting. I still need to do some experiments for the installation. On the other hand, I am also interested in collage on paper.   It is possible that some ambiguous collage works on paper with some vintage and incomplete picture frames are exhibited at the same time.