There is just an obvious difference with last year. Last year, we were divided into many small groups to do completely different projects. The collaboration of an integrated story should be required this year. This project consists of three parts.

Group1- shoot footage, a pan shot would be great.

Group2- character creation using image trace, paper scanning, stop motion etc.

Group3-collectiong sounds to be stitched together for a dynamic soundtrack.

Finally, we got a short horror film with extremely dynamic sounds. I am in the group2. We went to the library to find some horror fictions and some horror paintings. The process is exciting. I really like a book,which uses some poetic sentences as each character. I think it is also useful for the short horror film, which is quite narrative.At last,We chose to create a series of continuous motions quickly, which also are cool. The materials are taken from the painting of scan.




We had a collaboration with 16mm film last week. We use footage of animals in Australia and tried to change the meaning of the original film. This is a very interesting experience for 16mm film.


First day, we use chemical material to change color with 16mm film. We tried to do some experiments with 5 minutes ,10 minutes, 20 minutes separately. Finally , we got a perfect color with 20 minutes.IMG_2835

We want to change the meaning of the original film, which makes it more interesting. We decided to scratched into the background behind the animal. Highlight the part of animal, the film drastically emphasizes that animal’s environment is dangerous. In some sense, we make a different sense for the pre-existing footage of animals. After that, we want to write some messages in the film ,like a slogan for protecting animal. At last, we use easier information instead of message, which is SOS Morse Code.



Lastly, we chose to use editing viewer to present these16mm film.