I am just trying to create something relates to these old frames. Even it is imaginary and fictive. Some of these old frames are from charity shop and vintage market, which are unique and special. But I don’t know too much about these old frames. I only know when I see these old frames, some VISUAL LANGUAGE/IMAGE are started to appear. It could be narrative and ambiguous. I think it is a collage of the old frame itself and my own imagination.


The image sticks most in my mind is the powerful vitality. Image followed by some footage, then immediately by delicate emotion. I just imagine this kind of picture is existed for a long time.


In my point of view, some old frames are inspired. It might mean that one detail to be a fictional plot of this old frame. I can’t exactly describe what I want to express. But you can watch story like this.


I think it would be good to show two pieces of one image to everyone.


a strange shape in the conversant environment.


in a loose narrative.


it is an unusual film, or documentary, and it shows some animals or a portrait with slow motion.


i wanted to show you some stories in this beach, but i did see anything only seawater and stones.


I found some people under a huge mirror, which looks like an oil painting. I want to say something to these crowded people, but it cannot be heard by anybody.


I got three times tutorial with Jonathan from the beginning of the April until now.

First tutorial: 

86C42B9B-FD84-4A48-B419-C5987BC8E16C DED4A83C-8739-412C-A1D1-0661EA9C11B1 C8FF0CC1-D91D-4A2F-BE66-6D63A72B7493 3E74E2B4-DB5B-4C41-9D99-A14B623297BF

First tutorial:

I just did very few pieces of my video collage works. I am not satisfied with these collage, which are too artificial. I need to make more.

Second tutorial:

I want to have some inspirations for my creative collage. I decided to inspire by some poems from Iceland. I think probably I can find some interesting relations with my collage work. In this tutorial, Jonathan was asked a lot of questions for details. Some questions are linked to installation of my work. I realized that all of the details in artwork are quite important. Even a very simple detail will effects different results and meanings.

Third tutorial:

After my second tutorial with Jonathan, I did some experiments with different versions of poems on paper. I did test on typewriter.  I found it is too difficult to be done. Actually I can’t easily control each sentence and I also need to seriously focus on the layout when I write something.

I think a poem could be my creative inspiration. I want to find a topic for my further collage work, which could be more narrative and more meaningful. At the same time, I decided to use some old frames with my collage work.

Jonathan told me that I need to pay attention to old frames themselves. Probably I can create a story for each old frame. It means that these old frames could be instead of the poem as my creative inspiration. On the other hand, I think this suggestion is another kind of collage, which is quite mysterious and imaginative.

This is one of my favorite books,The artist book,Laure Prouvost. The book likes a sketch. The artist’s drive,the artist and drugs, being misunderstood, the artist’s only love, the forgotten artist,depression and the artist’s secret are interesting title of each chapter. Some images are scratched out and some images with naughty words, which all in a loose narrative.

Meanwhile,some sentences like a diary.
‘I liked the film.When I watched the flames I felt comfortable.It felt relaxing like I was paralysed.The story is like a new galaxy, a new world, with nice sound and picture. It was a very good designer who put it together. When you’re talking, you are taking people inside, you’re listening to everything.You take the inside of the people. I can watch stories like this any time.
I think it would be good to show this film to everyone.It would be good see it in the cinema, like an action movie. When I first saw the film, I saw flames, the seaside, people, a tray,water. Afterward, I thought that you needed a different type of design, something Victorian, something old-fashioned, so I made the tray from metal,by hand.’

When I look at these words, It awakes many of the subtle aspects of my visual intuition.

IMG_7326 IMG_7328 IMG_7329 IMG_7330 IMG_7331 IMG_7332 IMG_7334


These pieces are  Justyn Hegreberg’s collage painting. I am influenced by Justyn Hegreberg a lot. My project is about collage. It includes multiple media collage and collage on paper. Multiple media collage is a combination of still image and moving image. I will make a series of multiple media collage artworks on a screen. At the same time, I hope to make an illusion for audience, which makes these collage artworks more ambiguous . So I decided to use a vintage  picture frame with the multiple media collage artwork. Seen from afar, it looks a still image but it is not when you are near to the artwork especially. I think that it could be more interesting. I still need to do some experiments for the installation. On the other hand, I am also interested in collage on paper.   It is possible that some ambiguous collage works on paper with some vintage and incomplete picture frames are exhibited at the same time. 


Dave Charlesworth gaves me four references or artists, which are related to my work. I did some research about his recommendations.

Hans Peter Feldman

All the Clothes of a Woman 1970 Hans-Peter Feldmann born 1941 Presented by Tate Members 2010 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/P79778

All the Clothes of a Woman 1970 Hans-Peter Feldmann born 1941 Presented by Tate Members 2010 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/P79778

Bernd Behr


Installation shot, COMMA17: Bernd Behr & COMMA18: Charlotte Moth, Bloomberg SPACE, January 2010.

 Douglas Heubler


Duration Piece #11, Bradford, Massachusetts, 1969 Douglas Huebler (American, 1924–1997)

Dominic Hawgood


Dominic Hawgood: Under The Influence

I was influenced by these artists’ work a lot. They all tried to make a series of conversations in art. They did different ways to present their ideas but their works are very effective. This kind of installation likes talk a story to others. It could be an integrated story or some fragments of memory. But they are very powerful to represent something in an art way.

There is just an obvious difference with last year. Last year, we were divided into many small groups to do completely different projects. The collaboration of an integrated story should be required this year. This project consists of three parts.

Group1- shoot footage, a pan shot would be great.

Group2- character creation using image trace, paper scanning, stop motion etc.

Group3-collectiong sounds to be stitched together for a dynamic soundtrack.

Finally, we got a short horror film with extremely dynamic sounds. I am in the group2. We went to the library to find some horror fictions and some horror paintings. The process is exciting. I really like a book,which uses some poetic sentences as each character. I think it is also useful for the short horror film, which is quite narrative.At last,We chose to create a series of continuous motions quickly, which also are cool. The materials are taken from the painting of scan.