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New project: Experience with each other

Inspiration and Description: In our daily life, everyone could be going into other life intentionally or unintentionally. For example, it is common for a photo to have accidentally captured a few shots of a stranger passing by. Sometimes, this kind of accidental experience is embarrassed but interesting. This is a special angle of view. We all have a similar situation in our life, but different people have different experience. Sort of like a person who does repetitive things always has delicate difference.


断章 Part of Article
作者:卞之琳 By Bian Zhilin

你站在桥上看风景, As you are enjoying the scenery on a bridge
看风景的人在楼上看你。 Upstairs on a tower people are watching you
明月装饰了你的窗子, The bright moon adorns your window
你装饰了别人的梦。 But you adorn others’ dream

Intention: I am trying to use interactive installation to get participation of the audience and help audience to feel about accidental experience with each other. In addition, I think it is an indirect experience ,which probably ambiguous.

Possibilities: Audience could be noticed some special details in daily life through take part in this project. I hope it could be full of fun.
I  will continue to collect some photos  from different people who have a similar situation.(photo to have accidentally captured a few shots of a stranger passing by.)

Research photos:










Installation Equipment: camera, two projector, computer. (thinking about more detail..further some experiments..)


Firstly, I have to admit that my mid point review is not good. The primary reason is that the video requires a portion of self recording which I spent too much time on. In addition, I was a bit disappointed that I did not make a satisfactory conclusion for my overall research. However, This is an opportunity to make a reflection which brought some useful comments from others. After middle point review, I was confused about my research theme for a long time. In fact, ambiguity is a vast topic. On the one hand, I was trying to research a more specific form of ambiguity in art. But on the other hand, I cannot exactly clarify the definition of ambiguity.

During middle point review, some comments are very useful for me.

MATT: As soon as you work with the theme of ambiguity, you’re giving the work meaning. Thinking of nothing makes it something. 

ANDY: i tell you what would be even more ambiguous is if you where to use the back of what ever objects you choose to cut out for your collages (so you get forms and its almost a lottery as to what shape and colour you will get), there is still subject matter in your collages which will perhaps ask people to look for meaning.

It seems that these are two opposite opinions, but I totally agree with them. Matt thinks that ambiguity is difficult to present in art intentionally; however Andy notes that we can also use some specific methods to make art more ambiguous and more attractive.

Lionel Openshaw: I think Ruby raises some very interesting issues. The earlier photos don’t look very ambiguous to me, but the way she juxtaposes them are more so.
Lionel Openshaw: Agree with Xavi – make ambiguity clearer
Terry Long: Yes the multi videos or much more effective
Lionel Openshaw: Create single images with multiple possible readings? (not just in juxtaposition)
Andy Venner: i like Lionels suggestion – so for example just a picture of a car lionel?
Laila Hassan: I think the sound at the end shot play a big role in adding ambiguity.
Ala’a Beseiso: Ambiguity is a big word, and I think tat her work is really interesting, however, I think that she needs to focus on a more specific form of ambiguity….
Lionel Openshaw: Agree with Xavi – make ambiguity clearer

I am trying to make the arts more ambiguous in terms of vision and sound. I did some experiment about multiple videos,because I paid attention to the relationship between them. I found that a lot of artists use this kind of form to do videos and films. It seems that it is feasible. I think I will do more experiments relating to this kind of method. Moreover, because sound is an essential part of art, I will include more of this aspect in my future projects. However, as the comment of Lionels suggested, I can do some research about a single picture with ambiguity. For my understanding, this could be in the form of a collage or some accidental elements mixed together.

Something I did and I thought:
-I put more than one videos onto one screen. I tried to make sense of the relationship between different videos at the same time. I think it could be ambiguous.
-I consider that a plurality of narratives instead of a single story can best describe the situation. I was trying to reconstruct various fragments rather than record an integrated story. I think it could be ambiguous.
-Blurring the boundaries between metaphor and reality can make double meaning sometimes. I tried to find some issues in daily life and looked for a metaphor for the concept. I think it could be ambiguous.
-I was trying to clarify the meaning of ambiguity in my work, but the complexity and uncertainty of ambiguity limit me.

Recently, I am preparing a new project. No matter what expressive form I use, I am still trying to make ambiguity clearer and make it more interesting.