Develop your Project Proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed programme of study.

From the outset, I have tried to find a research theme, which I am really interested in. I found my MA research theme is about ambiguity in art. My progress in this research can be reflected through blog. This process included idea test, experiment, influence and self-directed learning.

Looking back at my project proposal, it is clear that almost all of my research was based on the initial idea. Initially, I was captivated by montage, which is related to ambiguity and representation. To have a deeper understanding of the meaning of ambiguity, I tried to look for some influences, that may be related to ambiguity in art.

Formal study proposal related

Anders Petersen, Theory 1, Theory 2, Theory 3, Video1, Video 2, Philip – Lorca diCorcia, Desillusion Magazine, Sergei Eisenstein, Barbara Crane, Xinwen Zhang, Dong Song, Meschac Gaba, Tino Sehgai )

Later study proposal related

Multiple videos, Shady EI Noshokaty, XiaoYun Chen, Zhi Jiang, Katrien De Blauwer, IIona Sagar )

Demonstrate a critical engagement with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion.

Outside of school environment, I made some experiments concerning the process of making an artwork look ambiguous. During Unit1, I was mainly working on three parts, which contained photography, collage and concept video. With the development of research and experiments, I realized that although ambiguity was a confusing topic, which was uncertain and dialectical, it still contained magical characteristic within artwork.

Photo montage

Photography 1 Photography 2

Interim show 1 , Interim show 2

Collage 1 , Collage 2

Idea test 1 , Idea test 2 , Idea test 3 Idea test 4

In addition, some events happened in the school, such as the tutorials with tutor, low residency week with classmates and tutor and some weekly lectures. Later, we had an opportunity to show our periodical conclusion, Mid Point review. I had to admit that some feedbacks and subsequent reflection from mid point review were very useful to me. They helped me realized that I paid too much attention to the art form of ambiguity instead of the contemporary artwork itself. This critical engagement was a positive experience on the course. The combination of theory and practice did not only help me develop my own thinking constantly, but also developed my technical skills and software usage as well.

Articulate a clear understanding of the methodology and context of your creative practice in both written and verbal forms

At the beginning of this course, I attempted to focus on the montage, collage and abstract art form to research the present of ambiguity in artwork. Researching artist such as Sergi Eisenstein stated that the juxtaposition of two film shots, would no longer be a simple addition but a new creativity. Additionally, the collision between two adjoining images can create a third meaning. My creative practices tried to validate these points. From an interview with artist Sigune Hamann, she provided some individual perspectives, which I think were very useful for my research theme. I wrote a research paper to analyze specific characteristics of ambiguity in art. Through this investigation, it provided a clearer direction for me to research ambiguity in art.

During the process of writing and reflection, I realized the importance of keeping ideas and getting some influences. At the same time, it also helped me to combine influences and personal ideas to make further creative artworks.


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