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This is a process of exhibition set-up. For me, It is extremely hard to set all kinds of electronic cables of iPad. Anyway, It is a good opportunity to practice. Special thanks to Jonathan’s help.


Finally, I decide to use 20 old frames to construct a story about emotional sensations, which probably looks narrative and ambiguous. I put these old frames on the lawn for a layout test.

For still image print part, I choose a paper called FUJI FLEX has very strong reflection, which is similar to iPad screen.


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I am just trying to use some ambiguous visual language to present emotional sensation.On the one hand, I am quite interested in some fragments. It looks has more space for viewer’s imagination. On the other hand, emotional sensation is quite difficult to describe it. It might mean that ambiguity is a best way to put forward.
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I am just trying to create something relates to these old frames. Even it is imaginary and fictive. Some of these old frames are from charity shop and vintage market, which are unique and special. But I don’t know too much about these old frames. I only know when I see these old frames, some VISUAL LANGUAGE/IMAGE are started to appear. It could be narrative and ambiguous. I think it is a collage of the old frame itself and my own imagination.


The image sticks most in my mind is the powerful vitality. Image followed by some footage, then immediately by delicate emotion. I just imagine this kind of picture is existed for a long time.


In my point of view, some old frames are inspired. It might mean that one detail to be a fictional plot of this old frame. I can’t exactly describe what I want to express. But you can watch story like this.


I think it would be good to show two pieces of one image to everyone.


a strange shape in the conversant environment.


in a loose narrative.


it is an unusual film, or documentary, and it shows some animals or a portrait with slow motion.


i wanted to show you some stories in this beach, but i did see anything only seawater and stones.


I found some people under a huge mirror, which looks like an oil painting. I want to say something to these crowded people, but it cannot be heard by anybody.

I am really interested in these accidental flaws from imperfect camera (Polaroid). Some pieces are blurry, which looks very narrative. Some pieces are failing, which also brings an unexpected effect. I like these discretionary inspirations.

Recently, I am still making some materials by myself for multimedia collage. During this process, I have taken some illusive images like these. They gave me exciting more than normal image. Anyway, it is a process for creative collage.

7 扫描 61 扫描 56 9 10

I had a tutorial with Jonathan on Monday. We have discussed about my recent idea. Jonathan said that a combination of the moving image and still image could be potential. I created video collage in terms of moving image and still image. I believe that it could be very ambiguous and metaphorical. However, all of inspirations just follow my intuition, which makes me exciting. I got more free space to create something as  I like.  Jonathan also noted that I should to do more projects like I did. It could be 20,30,or 50. After that, I can choose some of them as my final project. The most important thing is the creative process.

Some image materials and video materials are collected from my daily life including some journeys.


  1. Be careful for sound recording
  2. Making more experiments
  3. Make a conclusion of dissatisfied experiments

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Recently, I am still trying to do some collage (link).

I attempt to find delicate relationship between different pieces, which are very ambiguous. These are practices for further video work. I will try to do some video collage, I think it could be more interesting. At the same time, I hope it could be narrative. Therefore, I will try to collect various pieces of video from my daily life and journey. Collage is accidental and unpredictable. I believe that this is a way to research ambiguity in art.