I had a tutorial with Jonathan on Monday. We have discussed about my recent idea. Jonathan said that a combination of the moving image and still image could be potential. I created video collage in terms of moving image and still image. I believe that it could be very ambiguous and metaphorical. However, all of inspirations just follow my intuition, which makes me exciting. I got more free space to create something as  I like.  Jonathan also noted that I should to do more projects like I did. It could be 20,30,or 50. After that, I can choose some of them as my final project. The most important thing is the creative process.

Some image materials and video materials are collected from my daily life including some journeys.


  1. Be careful for sound recording
  2. Making more experiments
  3. Make a conclusion of dissatisfied experiments

1222 2 7E8E4F23-1673-4566-8590-5EEF2AABF5B4 The project is a continuation of my initial idea, “experience with each other”. Before this project, I took some images for research purposes. I noticed a common phenomenon, where many photos have accidentally captured a few shots of a stranger passing by. I found this very interesting. In the research process, I started to develop my idea. I paid more attention to people’s own-space on the street. It may seem that people have potential communication with each other on the street but in actuality they all have their own “personal space”. To represent this kind of situation, I used a rectangular box as a metaphor for personal space. It showed that the people walking on the street were within their own-space. Although this was a very normal situation, the project still attempted to leave a space for the viewers to reflect on. The final work would be consisted of several videos, which could be up to 16 videos on one screen.




This is my previous work . My previous research theme, which is things that are neglected from society. I want to continue this theme in the future. In my view, I think contemporary art is good way to remind people focus on something. Things like protect trees, when I saw many trees were cut down,I want to do something with them. I think that trees have the same feeling with people. When we get hurt, we need to dress the wound, the same with trees. So I made this installation. I tried to remind people pay attention to protect trees.When I was dressing the tree, some people who passed by came and talked with me.I found that they also cared about the tree as me. I have made about three-minutes video to record this. On the other hand, I will do further research (things that are neglected from society) in my MA course.